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Step 1: Apply Now

Step 1:
Apply Now

Complete the finance application form to find out if you are eligible for our 0% finance. You are under no obligation to move forward with this. We only provide 0% interest-free finance that we have access to through our panel of lenders.

Step 2: Get Approved

You can choose any car from our wide range of stock. We will carry out the necessary checks to find you the best deal. If we don’t have the vehicle you require we can source this from our reputable suppliers.

Step 2:
Get Approved

You can choose any car from our wide range of stock. We will carry out the necessary checks to find you the best deal. If we don’t have the vehicle you require we can source this from our reputable suppliers.

Step 3: Collect Your Car

Step 3:
Collect Your Car

Once you are happy with your vehicle we will have it prepared and ready for you! You can come collect your car from us or have it delivered to you directly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As our name suggests, we are trying to provide Muslims with Halal, Shariah compliant car financing solutions. We have had our contracts and agreements reviewed and approved by a number of scholars and authorities in Islamic finance, and we are in the process of receiving official certification and approval from recognised Islamic Finance boards.

Along with our 0% interest policy, our finance plans also provide extra benefits. Should you wish to pay extra during your finance term, you are free to do so. Extra payments can be made to the finance company, and this will not incur any fee. The finance plans we provide are flexible so should you wish to pay extra each month or in lump sums during the agreement these will not incur any fees.

Absolutely, we will even appraise your car over a quick and easy phone call. The part exchange of course will contribute towards lowering your finance balance.

Once your application has been submitted one of our advisers will be in touch within 24 hours.

We as a company uphold the strictest compliance to Data Protection and as such your details are to only be used for producing finance plans. All finance applications are treated in the strictest confidence and your details will be kept totally between ourselves and the finance company in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. If our finance company needs to speak with your employers or bank, your authorisation will be obtained prior to this.

In many cases, you can still be able to obtain finance. However, depending on your circumstances different conditions may apply to the agreement, the details will of course be explained if this route is taken.

Yes, you can settle your finance at any point during the term, simply call one of our business managers. Alternatively, you can speak directly to the lender in this instance.

Yes indeed, you can look for your next car yourself. If you require assistance in finding your car, however, don’t hesitate to reach out to us as our specialists have 25+ years experience in the Motor Trade Industry.

Putting an application through will enquire our partnered lenders to carry out a credit check which will be shown on your credit profile without this there is no way to determine if the lender can provide you the finance or not. A quote however does not affect your credit profile.

Check our our FAQ page here for more answers to commonly asked questions. Also feel free to complete our contact us form and one of our advisors will be get back to you as soon as possible.

Shariah Compliance

Halal Cars provides Islamic, Sharia compliant, interest free finance for cars. Whilst other companies have been providing similar products and services, for them it is seen as nothing more than a lucrative business opportunity. As few alternatives are available, these companies have been able to take advantage of Muslims and over charge whilst under serving. Having worked in the car industry for over 25 years, we did not want to see this continue any longer. Halal Cars was founded to serve the Muslim community in the UK but we of course serve everyone regardless of background. In line with Islamic principles we aim for Ihsaan (excellence) in all our interactions and dealings.

Halal Cars are the only Sharia compliant car finance company in the UK. To receive this certification we undertook a vigorous vetting and auditing process from the ICRIE & AAOIFI. This took a number of months which was completed in August 2022. The auditing process started with the investment means being checked. The funds were also checked to determine if they were from Halal means. The mode of finance given to our customers was reviewed, evaluated and approved against the standards set by the institutions above. The entire process from the customer applying, to receiving the vehicle, as well as the agreements in place with our partnered lenders were also audited, to ensure that we, Halal Cars Ltd are in line with Shariah Financing Standards. Ongoing yearly audits will be conducted as well as continuous staff training to ensure we remain within the principles of Shariah compliance.

You can speak to member of our experienced sales team to receive advice about purchasing your new car, or simply complete the application form to get started.

Absolutely amazing service.

Absolutely amazing service. I was never pushed or pressured at all to take the loan out which in return reassured me that the brothers are here to take care of me and work with me in finding a good deal. Brother Mahmoud was amazing, very patient, calm and helpful. Alhamdulillah. 10 Stars from me and will highly recommend this company.
Md Abul Taher

Been a great process. Highly recommend!

Been a great process. Ali and Hamza really went that extra mile to help me with purchasing a car! Highly recommend!
Shoheb Rahman

Amazing and has done fantastic work.

I received a brilliant service from Halal Cars. It was a smooth and efficient procedure. Lovey car,enjoying my drive to Blackburn! No long delays or waiting around. Hassle free transaction. I wish Halal cars all the best for the future and will definitely return for more cars in the future. Thank you Halal Car team. Hamzah was amazing and has done a fantastic work.
Bushra Bostan


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