As our name suggests, we are trying to provide Muslims with Halal, Shariah compliant car financing solutions.  We have had our contracts and agreements reviewed and approved by a number of scholars and authorities in Islamic finance, and we are in the process of receiving official certification and approval from recognised Islamic Finance boards.

Along with our 0% interest policy, our finance plans also provide extra benefits. Should you wish to pay extra during your finance term, you are free to do so. Extra payments can be made to the finance company, and this will not incur any fee. The finance plans we provide are flexible so should you wish to pay extra each month or in lump sums during the agreement these will not incur any fees.

Absolutely, we will even appraise your car over a quick and easy phone call. The part exchange of course will contribute towards lowering your finance balance.

Once your application has been submitted one of our advisers will be in touch within 24 hours. In some cases, this may take longer due to our backlog of customers in tandem with the current Covid-19 pandemic.

We as a company uphold the strictest compliance to Data Protection and as such your details are to only be used for producing finance plans. All finance applications are treated in the strictest confidence and your details will be kept totally between ourselves and the finance company in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. If our finance company needs to speak with your employers or bank, then we will speak with you to gain your agreement to this before anything else is done.

In many cases, you can still be able to obtain finance. However, depending on the circumstances you may be required to take a different car or indeed not be able to take the interest free finance over 5 years; however we work hand in hand with a specialist in this area of finance and will advise you on the necessary steps required to re build your credit profile.

Yes, you can settle your finance at any point during the term, simply call one of our business managers and we will request and send to you a settlement figure in due course. Alternatively, you can reach directly to Santander and go through the same process.

Yes indeed, you can look for your next car through a different platform, and we will help you if needed in finding your car as our specialists have 25+ years experience in the Motor Trade Industry.

Check our our FAQ page here for more answers to commonly asked questions. Also feel free to complete our contact us form and one of our advisors will be get back to you as soon as possible.

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