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Halal Cars provides Islamic, Sharia compliant, interest free finance for cars. Whilst other companies have been providing similar products and services, for them it is seen as nothing more than a lucrative business opportunity. As few alternatives are available, these companies have been able to take advantage of Muslims and over charge whilst under serving. Having worked in the car industry for over 25 years, we did not want to see this continue any longer. Halal Cars was founded to serve the Muslim community in the UK but we of course serve everyone regardless of background. In line with Islamic principles we aim for Ihsaan (excellence) in all our interactions and dealings.

Halal Cars are the only Sharia compliant car finance company in the UK. To receive this certification we undertook a vigorous vetting and auditing process from the ICRIE & AAOIFI. This took a number of months which was completed in August 2022. The auditing process started with the investment means being checked. The funds were also checked to determine if they were from Halal means. The mode of finance given to our customers was reviewed, evaluated and approved against the standards set by the institutions above. The entire process from the customer applying, to receiving the vehicle, as well as the agreements in place with our partnered lenders were also audited, to ensure that we Halal Cars Ltd are in line with Shariah Financing Standards. Ongoing yearly audits will be conducted as well as continuous staff training to ensure we remain within the principles of shariah compliance.

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